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Contribute to generative somatics today!

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Thank you for all the ways you contribute to generative somatics (gs) and make this work possible!

gs makes a critical contribution to social and environmental justice movements. gs brings a transformative methodology that supports individuals and groups to develop embodied leadership, align our individual and collective practices with our principles, increase resilience, and heal from trauma and internalized oppression. gs serves as booster power (and well‐being support) for organizations that are leading social change. Check out our Strategic Priorities, which are guiding our work so it is even more powerful and precise.

Please help gs implement our Strategic Priorities. Consider what a centered, bold and meaningful donation could be for you.

This political era is presenting intense challenges and it is also providing an opening and opportunity. In this context, gs is supporting organizers, movement builders, healers, funders and others to vision new possibilities and achieve powerful collective action towards freedom and liberation. gs is needed more than ever. We receive over 100 applications for approximately 30 spots in each course and similar interest from organizations that want to partner.

Contribute today and support gs to meet the growing call for our programs!

To sustain and grow this work, gs depends on many people contributing a wide range of resources - time, energy, skills, wisdom, spirit, and partnership. One critical resource gs also depends on is: money. By the end of 2018, our goal is to raise a total of $400,000 from 500 or more individual donors. So far, over 350 donors have pledged over $365,000. Deep gratitude to everyone who has already pledged or donated.

As of today, we have $31,000 left to raise. This will take a lot of people. To reach our goal we'll need-

  • 24 new monthly donors -- this is gs Team Resilience!
  • 131 grassroots donors -- community members who donate between $5-$499!
  • 13 donors who contribute $500-$4,999 -- this is gs Team Alliance!
  • 2 donors who contribute $5,000 or above -- making a gift at this level will invite you on to the gs Major Donor Team!*

Please donate today and help us meet our goal! No amount is too small to make an impact.

  • Donations allow gs to make programs accessible to innovative movement leaders; to poor and working class communities and communities of color; and to choose partnerships based on alignment with our values and strategy, not on financial capacity.
  • Donations support gs to build the strong and sustainable organization we need to meet the expressed desire for our work in social and environmental justice movements.
  • And, finally, contributions from individuals give gs capacity to go beyond our traditional programming, to take risks, experiment, and innovate -- further developing theory and practice for the integration of embodied leadership, trauma healing, political education and community organizing

Every donation goes a long way!

    Please also consider joining -- #TeamResilience -- a team of donors who commit to sustain gs by donating on a regular - monthly, quarterly or annual - basis. Join today!

    Thank you for being part of making gs a strong and sustainable organization!


    There are currently 17 members of the gs Major Donor Team. If you would like more information about this team, please contact