Get Centered 2019
Get Centered 2019's Fundraiser

Contribute to generative somatics today!

$27,293 towards $20,000

Thank you for all the ways you build movements and contribute to generative somatics (gs)!

gs makes a critical contribution to social and environmental justice movements. We support healing from the impacts of trauma and oppression, and provide a pragmatic and actionable approach to embodied transformation on an individual, organizational, and movement level.

Be a part of this work. Consider what a centered, bold, and meaningful contribution can be for you.

There is massive demand for gs programs, which is understandable given the heightened attacks on our communities. Our programs develop embodied leadership, increasing vision, coordination, and connection, and support healing from the impacts of trauma and oppression.

Support gs to make a powerful impact.

gs is committed to resourcing our work in ways that align with our politics and strategy. To get there, gs students, teachers, practitioners, and other supporters are invited to practice embodied donor organizing with us. In September, over 50 community members participated in Get Centered, a grassroots fundraising effort.

These were our goals--

  • 200 donors! (approximately 300 have donated so far!)
  • 20 new monthly donors! (so far, 32 monthly donors have signed up - join them!)
  • $20,000 raised! (See above - we still have a bunch of money to raise - please help us meet our goal!)
What role can you play?
  • Make a one-time donation of $5 - $5,000. No amount is too small to have an impact
  • Become a monthly donor to gs! These contributions make gs a sustainable organization.
  • Post this donate page to social media and share why gs is important to you.

Donations from individuals make up approximately 30% of our budget. These contributions support gs to grow sustainably, offer programs that are accessible to communities on the frontlines of our movements, and prepare to make a transformative and precise contribution over the next many years.

Thank you for being part of making gs a strong and sustainable organization!


If you're interested in making a donation over $500, please be in touch: